Demonetisation a Mammoth Tragedy: Dr Manmohan Singh

By | December 9, 2016


Former prime minister Manmohan Singh once again trained his guns on the Narendra Modi government’s demonetisation move, calling it a “mammoth tragedy”.The choice to demonetise will bring about unfortunate harm to the legit Indian who acquires compensation in real money. The unscrupulous Black Money hoarder will escape with a negligible rap on the knuckles

It is said that “cash is a thought that motivates certainty”. At the stroke of the midnight hour, on November 9, 2016, the certainty of more than a billion Indians was destroyed. PM Narendra Modi had announced that more than 85% for each penny of the estimation of cash held in notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 was useless overnight. In one careless choice, the Prime Minister has smashed the confidence and certainty that a huge number of Indians had rested in the Government of India to ensure them and their cash after demonetization.

The Prime Minister in his deliver to the country said, “there comes a period in the historical backdrop of a nation’s improvement when a need is felt for a solid and definitive step,” and propounded two essential explanations behind this choice. One was to check “enemies from across the border… utilizing fake notes”. The other was to “break the grasp of corruption and black money“.

Both these expectations are good and should be bolstered entire heartedly. Fake cash and black money are as grave a threat to the possibility of India as fear mongering and social division. They deserve to be extinguished using all the firepower at our disposal. Be that as it may, the well known saying “the street to hell is cleared with great goals” serves as a helpful update and warning in this context.

The basic introduce behind the choice of the Prime Minister to render Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 monetary standards as illicit overnight is by all accounts this false idea that ‘all money is dark cash and all dark cash is in real money’. This is a long way from reality. Give us a chance to comprehend why.

Life thrown into disarray

More than 90 per cent every India’s workforce still win their wages in real money. These comprise of a huge number of agriculture laborers, development specialists. While the quantity of bank offices in rustic ranges have about multiplied since 2001, there are still more than 600 million Indians who live in a town or town with no bank. Money is the bedrock of the lives of these people. Their every day subsistence relies on upon their money being acknowledged as a medium of legitimate cash. They spare their cash in real money which, as it develops, is put away in divisions of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes. To discolour these as ‘dark cash’ and toss the lives of these a huge number of destitute individuals in confuse is a mammoth disaster. Most by far of Indians win in real money, execute in trade and spare out money, all genuinely. It is the major obligation of an equitably chosen government in any sovereign country to ensure the rights and occupation of its natives. The late choice by the Prime Minister is a tragedy of this fundamental duty.

Unintended consequences

Black money is a threat to our general public that we have to dispose of. In doing as such, we must be aware of the potential effect on a huge number of other genuine nationals. It might entice and self-satisfying to trust that one has every one of the arrangements and past governments were just lazy in their endeavours to check dark cash. It is not really. Pioneers and governments need to watch over their powerless and at no time would they be able to surrender this obligation. Most strategy choices convey dangers of unintended results. It is critical to deftly adjust these dangers with the potential advantages of such choices. Pursuing a war on dark cash may sound tempting. In any case, it can’t involve even a solitary death toll of a honest Indian.

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  1. Johnny

    I have to agree that land owners who employ farmers are wealthy on the back of the poor and vulnerable. This latest move to cut back with using cash will help the poor in the long term as the land owners will have to declare their true profits and pay tax. This process will in turn create more revenue to the states and help develop better social care programs and eduction.


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